Some Key Words

seo-963269_1280Something that we have talked about continually with our clients is that installing adequate amounts of content across the internet is important to any internet marketing strategy, but that content has to be effective and efficient at helping search engines hone in on a particular business.

You may wonder how we, as your content writer can accomplish this, especially when we don’t know your business as well as you do? What is the secret to forcing Google to focus on your company first? Keyword content is something we, your very own Tennessee SEO Guy (and crew) know a lot about.

What are Keywords?

The way we explain this to our clients is that keywords are words or phrases which your customers use when they search online for something. Every shopper is different and there are various ways to go about looking for an item or a service. Certain terms, however, will be universal to everyone who seeks a particular object. If you want uniforms, this word will always be in the keyword phrase. What if you are in need of school uniforms?  Well, now, that changes the search, narrowing it from a few million to hundreds of thousands of results.

Consumers can narrow that down even more by specifying they seek school sports uniforms. Perhaps choosing only girls’ or boys’ items slices results in half, while a particular sport narrows the field to a more comfortable level. Consider adding a local city or at least a state – such as if you live in Nashville, Franklin, or any other nearby suburb to the keyword terms and now your potential customer has a list which starts with companies either in the vicinity or serving that area. So, if you happen to be the one specializing in “school sports uniforms in Nashville,” that changes the way you would consider your keywords.

We just use “Nashville” as an example since we’re based in Tennessee, but our clientele is not just here, we work with businesses everywhere – so the same rules would hold true if, say, we were working with a client in Bismark, North Dakota who specializes in “school sports uniforms.”

Choosing Key Words

How do we, the writers for your website, eCommerce site, or blog post know what consumers type into a search engine? We can discover trends using analytics. Data found in special places on the internet reveals which terms are used most often and to what success. Customers can find out which keywords to use all the time, which ones are good alternatives, and phrases or terms that won’t get them anywhere for now.

Key word selection follows trends, however, and can change. SEO professionals like our group have ways of predicting upcoming key words for effective marketing in the next six months.

Nature of Key Words

It’s usually the case that people don’t type in properly constructed sentences when they look for something. They stick to a few words and leave out prepositions. Instead of “delivery service in Kentucky,” they write “delivery service Kentucky.” This means the writer of content for that company has to work the incorrect sentence into articles somehow.

Places for Keywords

That might not be as big a problem as you might imagine. Consumers respond best to writing which is broken up by subtitles, especially when they are shopping. This makes it easy to glance over writing before committing to read it all. Incorrect grammar can be a part of subtitles, so if you notice things like that in the content we deliver, by all means ask us about it, but 9 out of 10 times it’s deliberate on our part.

It’s also easy to use as a caption for a photograph. This could be located on MySpace, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Other keyword writing is found in responses to clients on social media, in blog writing, and in descriptions of products on a sales or landing page. Ask one of us on staff at Tennessee SEO Guy to help you determine key words and use them effectively. It’s one of the things we’re here for!