Let’s Go Local

Tennessee we are hereWhen you call or meet us here at our Tennessee SEO Guy offices, you might see us interacting with people across the country. Of course you rightfully expect that we are working with clients from all over the state or city since, well, our name certainly implies it! But yes, we do have clients from across the country, thanks to the ease with which Americans can now communicate using technology.

What makes most sense to our neighbors right here in Tennessee, however, is for an internet marketing consultant located in a certain place to work with clients from that town or region. Because we are local, we are naturally going to attract local clientele – as long as our presence is known, thanks to our own aptitude for marketing online (as well as from your own recommendations, which we have and continue to appreciate very much – we don’t take your trust and confidence lightly!).

Even with those clients who live outside our region know that we will also extol the virtues of local SEO. We at the Tennessee SEO Guy offices attract business from Tennessee, of course, plus many of its cities and small towns, because we understand this concept very well.

What is Local SEO?

Many experts in search engine optimization seem to generally overlook this topic when considering their options. It is not a fully explored gold mind of opportunity. But, we understand and embrace it, because when a company uses local terminology and the city name (or even more specific details) in keyword writing, this helps consumers locate service professionals and stores (or whatever your business happens to be) closest to them. Consumers sometimes even type these specifics into their browser because they want to support the local market. For example, if you are selling pet supplies in Knoxville, TN, wouldn’t you expect your potential customers to search for “pet supplies in Knoxville, TN” rather than searching generically only to come up with some business in Atlanta?

Why Does Local SEO Work?

This tendency for shoppers to buy local when they can is one reason local details are so helpful to beating the competition’s search engine ratings. Another reason is that customers are using geographical terms to create short lists from big ones. The number of results that can be the result of a general search is so overwhelming that typing in terms related to locality is a natural method of shortening the list and making it manageable.

When Does Local SEO Work Best?

Some products and services lend themselves to this tactic better than others. If you want something delivered in a timely way or which will lose its quality owing to extended traveling time, local products are best (flowers, chocolate, or food). Services like plumbing and electrical work are the same. You wouldn’t hire a plumber from out of state because your costs would include travel time and he might not follow your state’s safety and licensing regulations. Sometimes a product is closely associated with its origins. An example we often give our clients would be wine from the Napa Valley or fashion from London.

When buying certain items, however, the market is very small. Only a handful of craftspeople make what clients are looking for. Perhaps this is a volume purchase in which case money is the critical issue, not location. Moreover, certain products carry geographically specific names but can be produced anywhere: Nanaimo bars, for instance. Your search for these delectable items will probably take you to Nanaimo, BC, first when the local bakery makes them too.

Using Local SEO Effectively

You don’t have to know all about the ins and outs of local SEO: that’s for those of us at the Tennessee SEO Guy group to figure out and to show you. Let us explain how this tactic works when creating a marketing strategy and we will be able to prove the point one way or the other using the assorted analytical tools specific to our profession.