Handling the Content

black-686928_1280We get it… Writing is not everyone’s strong suit. Hand a guy some figures and let him create a business budget and he’s happy. Tell him he has to write a blog post or interact with people on social media and he breaks into a cold sweat. Unfortunately for this individual, creative and SEO-conscious content is important in the internet marketing world. And that is another thing that we, your “Tennessee SEO Guy” can help you with.

By the way, we just loved the image of the vintage typewriter. Some of us still have them at home!

Who Handles Content?

There are a few ways to go about the issue of creating content for the internet. One is to handle it yourself, and we have a number of clients who do just that – and that’s perfectly fine with us, as long as they are comfortable with it. In a small company, this job would be delegated to whoever is most comfortable or best with words. One downside of giving employees the task of writing for your firm is that you may be paying them their usual wages for a job which could be hired out for less, depending on your company’s needs.

Then, again, you could hire out this service to a third-party agency which handles just SEO content writing. On the other hand, maybe we at the Tennessee SEO Guy could be just the “guys” to handle it for you. Give us the job and a task that takes a non-writer on your current staff three hours, and we might have it done in half an hour.

What is Content?

Any prose you write for the internet is considered content whether we place it on your website, or on your Twitter feed. Prose is writing in full sentences which could be very short or longer. Examples would be descriptions of products which accompany images; reviews of products; and factual articles or personal blog writing related to goods or services. Even comments posted on Facebook are considered content. The style could be formal, vernacular, or academic – it really depends on your company’s needs, and this is something we take into account when we begin working on it.

Where is it Found?

The primary place to plant content is your website. This is where customers see you first and probably best. We use the landing page as an opportunity to describe your company and what you do. We combine excellent visuals and a user-friendly web lay-out to lead shoppers deeper into your site and show them what you can offer.

As consumers read further, they discover lots of writing: paragraphs describing technical items, company policy, and a business biography. They often find links to other pages which are either embedded in your website or found offsite.

Offsite Pages

These would be social media links that you build (or we build for you) and sometimes WordPress, Typebad or Livejournal blogs. The former usually integrates content writing at a very personal level which is responsive to what readers post on these sites. This is laid back writing. If there isn’t much action on Facebook, business owners should post their own comments about upcoming events, promotions, or products so the site remains current. Even if they don’t post, customers find these pages and read them, so they shouldn’t discover a dormant site.

WordPress and Joomla (another type of website) posts can be any style you like; whatever your customers have come to expect. Our writer from our staff knows who is likely to read these articles and chooses an appropriate tone.

Hiring a Writer

Search engines recognize and penalize stale writing. They also identify writing copied word-for-word as spam and disregard it, dropping a company’s status in the search results. Good results require excellent coverage in several internet locations.

If we at the Tennessee SEO Guy become your content writer you are probably embarking on a long-term professional relationship, and we very much look forward to working with you.