Nashville SEO

Hi there! We are the Nashville SEO specialists otherwise known as “The Tennessee SEO Guy!” And we’d like to show you why you should use our services, and what it’s all about.

First of all, are you wondering about search engine optimization¬†and what it really is? Although the acronym is mostly widely used to talk about “search engine optimization,” we also use it to mean “search engine marketing” as well. This is not something you need to know much about as a general internet user; a consumer.

Sure, understanding the way search engines find things and rank them could help you filter results, but it’s far more important to know what SEO is about as the owner of a business. This is where understanding the internet really matters and where I and my crew at the Tennessee SEO Guy can help, particularly with Nashville SEO.

Features of our Nashville SEO

You may think that it’s easy enough to put up a website and tell the world about what you’re selling, but Search Engine Optimization is a lot more complicated business than that. Business owners will sometimes try to manipulate the internet without a solid knowledge of this field and they might fluke their way to some success. They don’t understand backlinks, keywords, or web design (at least not like we do!).

If they find success it is not going to be lasting, however, as they trip on some of the landmines laid to catch unscrupulous marketers. Internet guidelines and free articles give readers some idea about internet marketing¬†but they still don’t get the full picture. That’s what professionals like us are for!

Avoiding Traps

A search engine optimization expert like me and my Nashville Tennessee SEO group will help you avoid traps you might have stepped into out of ignorance. You might be overly keen to increase your presence and, thus, willing to take short cuts. Make your business our business instead and we will do the job right.

Make Use of Social Media

The social side of the internet has some people spooked. Is this how you feel? Where, perhaps you don’t know what to do with it as Facebook seems to make you too visible? But, that is exactly what you, as a company should want: extra visibility. If Twitter posts cause people to find you when they aren’t looking very hard, imagine what happens to firms who use social media to their advantage. We will show you how it’s done for business, and can even manage your campaigns; whether in Nashville or other areas of TN.

Use an Advertising Budget Wisely

office-620822_1920Everything you do on the internet is, to some extent, advertising. There are both free and cheap forms of advertising which can be highly effective like Nashville SEO. Pay Per Click ads are inexpensive and can really raise your profile on the internet. PPC ads aren’t always effective. Campaigns need traffic, but business owners pay at a rate that varies from one site to the next. Is it better to get lots of traffic in this instance or to be choosy about where ads are posted? When you work with us, we will help you make a solid decision. Perhaps improving the website or writing a blog would be a better investment than PPC. Again, we can help you see both sides of the coin.

Working Relationship

How does this relationship between us (the internet professionals) and you (the customer) work? Can you come in for some advice and pay for a short-term consultation? What if you need more support; the kind that goes on for weeks and months? It’s all the same to us – we want to do what’s best for you, because, frankly, if you’re happy, than you’re going to recommend us to your colleagues (although maybe not your competition, ha ha). Some clients will gain the knowledge they need to take off in a big way after a short term consultation, and require nothing more. Others are looking for ongoing support. A mixture of client arrangements keeps things interesting for us here at the Tennessee SEO Guy. Call us and find out what services might be right for you.